Planning the campaign and renting lists are only part of the direct mail challenge. If your package isn't properly prepared for mailing, it could cost you money and sales.

1st Asia is fully equipped to get your direct mail piece from the printer to your customer's mail correctly, efficiently and on schedule. We also have the space to store your materials and the systems in place to disburse your fulfillment pieces.

Product Storage


Our storage facility is equipped and secure to store and keep track of product. From small boxes to large pallets, store your product in our facility and let our custom made computerized inventory system and our experienced personnel keep track of your inventory.


Order Fulfillment


We are equipped to receive fulfillment requests via e-mail, phone, fax, or mail. Orders can be processed, filled, and shipped within 24 hours from the time of request.


Redemption Service


Provide space for redemption counter or hotline numbers to later for incoming inquiries our receptionist will be assigned to answer general inquiries and record orders or enquiries.


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